Student Affairs Office Activities

The student affairs office works with students, from their matriculation to graduation, using the latest information technologies, based on the principles of academic honesty, transparency, taking into account the interests and needs of students.

Student HR department is a structural unit of Ala-Too International University

The main goal is to centralize the registration of personal files and orders for each student of all forms of education.

The main functions of the department:

- Issue and approval of orders for students

- Reception of students and their parents to consult on emerging issues

- Preparation and transfer of personal files of graduates or excluded students to the archive of the AIU

- Issuance of references:

1. Pension Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic. To receive the reference for the social fund, you should have a photo (3*4) with you.

2. Reference №26 (for the military registration and enlistment office)

3. Reference from the place of study (and other types of references)

- Calculation of graduates and excluded students

- Introduction of orders into the electronic document flow of the AIU

- Ordering and issuing documents: student ID card, transcript (student's grade-book);

- Issuance of primary documents (certificates, diplomas) to university alumni upon graduation.

- Preparation and issuance of academic references. The academic reference is issued within 7 days from the date of application.

-Makes and announces a list of students who have received a scholarship.